8 x 10 with Large cut out

The cut out is designed for a patch of your favorite sports team

Price – $39.99

8 x 10 with Team Logo

The logo is cut directly into the matte giving this kit great eye appeal.

Price – $49.99

8 x 10 Small cut out

This cut -out perfectly frames a sports card or it is perfect for a smaller patch.

Price – $34.99

16 x 20 Frame Kit

This kit makes any 16 x 20 photo look great and can be completed while you wait!

Price – $69.99



Onsite, we can frame any 8×10 with our custom frame kits which includes a black/black graphite double matte and a smooth black wood frame. These kits are designed to make any photo stand out and look professionally framed. We also offer an affordable 16×20 frame kit that will really impress.

8 x 10 Kit Sizes Available:

12 x 14 Standard Double Matted Frame Kit

14 x 17 Double Matted Frame Kit with small cut-out that fits a small patch, card or any flat item that measures 2 ½” x 3 ½”

17 x 17 Double Matted Frame kit with a larger cut-out that fits a larger patch, card or any flat item that measures 5” x 5”

16 x 20 Kit Size

20 x 24 Frame which includes a Double Black/Black V-Grooved Graphite Matte with a solid wood frame

If a true one of a kind piece is what you are looking for, we have an established relationship with one of the areas best custom sports framers.  With your vision, our staff will help you design a custom piece for your sports room sure to impress. This process generally takes 2-3 weeks to complete.