Due to the market eruption in graded cards, the major grading and authentication companies are experiencing over 10 million card backups with more cards being submitted each day.  Although the extended wait times can be frustrating it is a good sign that our hobby is flourishing.  However with the emphasis on graded cards we have decided to start our own grading and authentication service to offer an alternative slab.  Since our slab will be new to the industry we will only be grading our own inventory and not accepting submissions at this time. With over 30 years of experience in the hobby I am confident in grading each card and understanding the condition requirements.

The following tools and requirements will be used during the grading process:

  • Measure each card to ensure it meets all size requirements
  • Using a 10x magnifier each corner and edge will be inspected
  • Using a 2x magnifier the surface will be inspected for imperfections
  • Centering will be determined using the Original Grademaster Card Grading / Centering Tool.
  • A black light will be used to detect any recoloring